Mont Chris Hubbard


Performing Urinetown for Anonymous Theatre was EXHILARATING. Having attended previous Anonymous productions, I knew how supportive and loving the audience was going to be, but that was RIDICULOUS. That amount of energy and love must have ADDED ten years to all of our lives. 

I also told everyone in the cast leading up to the event that I had 100% confidence in all of them, that they were totally prepared, and they all exceeded my estimation. MY GOODNESS.


    The moments I am still reliving:

    • Every gasp, laugh, and roar of the crowd. I'm impressed that the Gerding did not come crashing down around us.
    • The joy on Ben Tissell's (Bobby Strong) face when he realized his good friend Kristi was coming up on stage to play his mother. It was like a kid opening the best Christmas present ever.
    • The a cappella verse of "I See a River," the closing number of the show. I got chills to hear perfect five-part harmony that I taught and rehearsed, and still had not ever heard together. It was perfect. STUNNING. 

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