Jim Vadala


Performing with Anonymous Theatre is like an actor's nightmare/fantasy chimera— I felt the anticipation of an opening night, the freedom of doing improv, fear and hope for spectacular failure, and the thrill of the moment when you find something true... only it’s all of that mixed with the energy of 500 people who just keep giving! Theatre distilled to some of its base elements: preparation, trust, and play. In a word, exhilarating. It reminded me of the moment when you realize you’re falling, the brain goes “oh sh*t, I’m falling” and you’re simultaneously hyper aware and present in what’s happening but also observing yourself in an event you know cannot be stopped. 10/10 would do anonymous again, so rarely do we as actors get to do something this risky... it’s addicting.

I feel very thankful for the opportunity. This was an awesome experience that, for me, revitalized my faith in why we do what... and I needed that, I think we all do.

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