I wanted to be in this cast.  SO.  BAD.  I would have played a piece of scenery.  Actually being cast was AMAZING, except that I couldn't share that giddy, terrified feeling with anyone!My character wasn’t introduced until the Second Act.  So, I got to have equal experience as an audience member and actor.  I thought I would sit through the whole First Act nervous and distracted, but I wasn’t.  I was sucked in and in awe.  I made chit chat through Intermission suppressing the glee that I was about to join this amazing, supportive cast, some of whom I had never met before.  So, on the fourth line of Act II I took the stage and did one of the most joyously terrifying and immediate pieces of theatre I have ever done.  IT WAS EVERYTHING I could have hoped for.  The cast, the audience, the production team, the band… EVERYTHING.  I’d do this again in a heartbeat.