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Alec Cameron Lugo


This was my second year doing Anonymous Theatre, with the first having been 2018’s A Midsummer Night's Dream. Plays and musicals already have enough of a difference between them in how they feel, both watching and performing them, but in the Anonymous style, it’s beyond night and day. I love this musical, but I’m not sure that I’ll really want to do it again, having just been in what felt like the best it could ever get. The stakes and tension were cranked up ten-fold. It was equally terrifying and awe-inspiring to see everyone dance together seamlessly for songs like Pandemonium or Magic Foot, and to hear the harmonies of the I Love You Song and the Pas de Deux come out like a rigorously rehearsed choir. I almost don’t see how it’s possible that it was the first time we had all done it together, and yet the audience was more engaged and exhilarated than many have claimed to be at fully rehearsed productions. The room and the people and the craft is alive… No. It’s ELECTRIC! I take a certain amount of pride in saying “I can do this weird, highly unorthodox style of theatre and do it well.” But also I am extremely grateful to be trusted with such a beautifully rewarding, one-of-a-kind experience. You would be hard-pressed to find a night out at the theatre in Portland (or anywhere else, for that matter) quite like the one you get at Anonymous Theatre!

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