About Anonymous Theatre

A play is selected. Auditions are held. The play is cast... secretly.

The identity of the cast is kept secret from everyone. Everyone... even from the cast itself. Cast members know their role and their role only. They do not know the identity of their fellow actors and do not reveal their participation in the project to anyone. No one (except the casting board) knows who is in the show.

The actors rehearse one-on-one with the director. Then, on the night of the performance, the cast arrives in street clothes and enters the theatre as if they are members of the audience. They take their seats in the house. They read their programs, chat with their neighbors, and in all ways behave like normal audience members. The house lights dim and the play begins, with each actor delivering his or her first line from the audience. All the cast members discover one another's identity for the first time on stage, in front of a live audience.

The History of Anonymous Theatre

In 2002, while Darius Pierce, Sam Kusnetz, Kerry Ryan, and Rebecca Lowe were students at Brown University, they conceived a crazy theatrical experiment that they named "Anonymous Theatre." Wouldn't it be fun, they thought, if they cast a show and kept the cast secret from everyone... including the cast members themselves... Actors would rehearse separately with the director, attend the one-night-only performance as an audience member, and make their entrance on their first line from their seat... They knew it could fail miserably, but that it would at least be an exhilarating way to spend an evening.

Not only did the experiment not fail, it was one of the rawest, funniest, most honest nights of theatre the audience had ever seen. Every audience member was "in on it." Every audience member shared a truly transient experience. Every audience member stood at the curtain call, eyes widening as they watched the cast bow, turn to one another, and introduce themselves.

Now in it's second decade, the Anonymous Theatre Company has taken off, with co-productions in the United States and abroad. Stay turned for more exciting developments!